By Kouji Miki

Unemployment, I was ruled by the fear of “money”

After finishing my master’s degree at university, I was still in the doctoral program and continuing my research when I received an offer to join a venture company. It was a company that supported small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.
The research I was doing for my master’s and doctoral degrees was specifically about online matching between large and small companies and their management strategies. There were synergies between my research and the company’s business. The management of the company offered me a position after reading my paper that I had published on the web. …

by Kouji Miki

Where is Kamakura?

Kamakura is known in Japan as the old capital of the Samurai. This old city is a seaside town about an hour’s train ride from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Kamakura, with a view of Mt. Fuji, the beautiful sea, and lush greenery, has a deep connection with Japan’s samurai culture, as the first capital of Japan’s samurai was established here about 800 years ago.

The leader of Kamakura at that time, Hojo Tokiyori, thought that Zen was necessary to regulate his own spirit and reign over the world in a time of war…

by Kouji Miki

Mindful City Kamakura overlooking Mt.Fuji

Creating a Mindful City in Kamakura

In January 2019, I moved enmono Inc. from Shibuya, Tokyo, where I had been based for the past 9 years, to Kamakura. I am very grateful to Shibuya, Tokyo for all the help and the many networks I have made there. However, over the past few years, I have noticed that the atmosphere in Tokyo has become somewhat less comfortable. For the past 9 years, enmono, Inc., which I represent, has been running a school for new product development and innovation, zenschool, mainly for the manufacturing industry. The company has now trained 190 innovators as graduates. …

The market size of mindful business

By Kouji Miki

Note: This blog is based on material originally written in Japanese in 2015 and converted to English in 2018 and 2021 with some of the latest information added to the blog, so please note that figures may be from 2015 and 2018.

Zen monk in front of Japanese garden

In relation to my previous blog, I discussed the market size of mindfulness.

What is the size of the mindfulness market? I’ve been searching for information about the market for mindfulness for a while now, but I couldn’t find anything that looked like it.

When I searched the overseas web, I found articles like this…

by Kouji Miki

Table of Contents


Trying to Define Mindful Business

Customer image and values in the mindful economy

Consumers’ product values regarding products and services that change with time


The Chinese character for “mindfulness” is “念(nen)”, which is a combination of the kanji for “今(ima)-now” and “心(kokoro)-mind”. In other words, it is a state where the attention of the mind is full, where the mind is not diffused anywhere else, and where the mind is 100% focused on everything that is happening around you.

In Zen terms, this can be described as “三昧(zanmai)-samadhi.

It is an activity that aims to improve concentration, EQ, and stress resistance by using meditation as a tool to eliminate the religious nature of meditation, which has been used in traditional religions…

by Kouji Miki

Innovation occurs through the transformation of consciousness.

I have been consistently involved in innovation for more than 20 years, from my days as a researcher studying purchasing activities and innovation, to actually participating in the management of a venture that supports transactions via the Internet, and then launching zenschool, a school for new product development.

I have been involved in innovation for more than 20 years, and have witnessed cases where major innovations have occurred by changing the mindset of the people involved in new business development and innovation. In addition, I have witnessed many times how we at zenschool have been able to…

by Kouji Miki

Catching the Bull
I seize him with a terrific struggle. His great will and power are inexhaustible.
He charges to the high plateau far above the cloud-mists, Or in an impenetrable ravine he stands.

Seven Essential Capabilities for Innovation Needed in the Future

In the age of the new coronavirus, the world of management has entered a truly warlike era. It will be difficult to manage properly, let alone innovate, with the mechanistic management methods of the past. In order to survive this era of turmoil, a new type of leadership, the Zen innovator, is needed.

The emergence of Zen innovators is a summary in this blog of what I have noticed in my four years of running zenschool, a school for creating Zen innovators, and Zen2.0, the world’s largest Zen and mindfulness event.

While it is difficult to see…

by Kouji Miki

-Innovation is under your feet! -Learning from Zen on how to innovate “脚下照顧(Kyakka Shouko)”.

Zen and Innovation

Our mission is to create new innovations in society by transforming the minds of political, corporate, and social change executives using VR.

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